Cancellation Policy

Thank you so much for making Indian River Hair grow! We have now established a standby list for future valued clients desiring an earlier appointment. For maximum customer satisfaction, we ask for at least 24 hours notice when rescheduling or cancelling an appointment. This allows time to call standby clients and keep the schedule filled, which serves everyone.

Appointments are regularly confirmed 24-48 hours in advance because it is easy to forget them when booked weeks or months ago. If you can’t be reached, please understand that it’s your responsibility to remember your appointment date and time.

Arriving Late

Things happen that causes a person to be late. So if you arrive late, we cannot guarantee we’ll be able to provide your service. We’ll do our best to accommodate you within the remaining time so that the next person won’t have to wait.

Your appointment is very important and reserved especially for you. Failure to give proper notice may result in:

  • Minimum of $25 fee (depending on reserved amount of time)
  • Inability to schedule future services for repeatedly being late or missed appointments

Thank you for your loyalty and understanding.